Cardboard Live by Frontier
About Cardboard.Live

CardBoard.Live is the first iteration of Frontier, focused on enriching the streaming experience for Magic: The Gathering and other digital card games.

We are partnered with Hasbro to support the largest Magic esports tournaments in the world.

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Event Highlights

PAX Mythic Invitational


The PAX Mythic Invitational featured the biggest Magic prize pool of all time. CardBoard.Live powered live coverage and introduced the world to new levels of interactivity.

Magic World Championships


Magic World Championships: crowning the world champion on the biggest stage. CardBoard.Live innovation enriched the show and earned it the moniker of “best Magic broadcast ever.”

Magic the Gathering

Magic Tabletop


Magic Tabletop is the original trading card game that started it all. Battle with friends at the kitchen table, or in global competition.

Magic Arena


Magic Arena is the free-to-play digital version of the game that has taken the world by storm. CardBoard.Live allows streamers to compete online, at all experience levels.


In 2020, Frontier collaborated with Horizon Blockchain Games to create a stream extension for their free-to-play digital trading card game. The cards in the game are 100% yours to own and trade, thanks to blockchain-based technology.